About us

MIRICO was established in 2016. The company is engaged in the development and implementation of programs for business automation: manufacturing enterprises, enterprises in the service sector, catering and retail, as well as decision support systems.

Our end result is a turnkey system that performs its tasks.



We understand the key role of project management in the success of the project and initially approach the project planning comprehensively. We work out risks, conduct communications and operational management. Any project task = resource + term.


Best Practices is not a recipe for instant success, but we consider sharing experience an important process. In the work of any organization, there is always something to share or borrow. We are building up the base of best practices from the experience of implemented projects and global trends and are actively applying it.

the main thing is the result

In each project, we are doing everything to ensure that the system works realistically, and not formally, and reports on results, not events. It is important for us that you get exactly what you needed from the project.


With Mirico, we have implemented several automation projects spaced in time. The first step is the Moscow branch (cardboard sleeve production workshop), then the branches in Rostov (2016) and St. Petersburg (2017). When working with the company, it’s convenient that you know what to expect and what quality the result will be. Our company is growing steadily, and we are pleased that in the person of Mirico we have a stable contractor capable of providing technological support to our growing business.

Александр Гнеев

Ozguven Tashkent

MIRICO is a completely different company from other consulting firms. The general impression of the company’s work can be expressed briefly: professionalism, an integrated approach to solving tasks, the ability to accurately and timely fulfill our obligations, and to be creative in any task. The company employs employees who are able at the right time to understand the situation of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We are pleased to have chosen MIRICO as a partner in the field of IT consulting and we look forward to continuing our cooperation.

Лина Дарчиева

“Bellstore” cosmetic retail chain

We strive to make the most of all the technological capabilities of SAP Business One and integrate them into our business. So, the network has already managed to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve the range and offer customers a high level of service. We expect that the use of advanced technology will help us prepare for further business expansion.

Сардор Давлетьяров

Radisson Blu Hotel, Tashkent

I want to thank the company “Mirico”, in particular, the CEO of company over the quality of implemented projects and systematic support in working with the program “1C: Accounting 8”. Starting in 2015, together with “Mirico” implemented a number of projects on automation of accounting and taxation, migration, developed functional account of realization of hotel services, implemented a management reporting and more. the company showed the presence of competencies for solving non-standard tasks. My thanks to Miriko. I wish you stable growth and prosperity!

Расулова Гульнора